What Is Transcendental Technology

What Is Transcendental Technology

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What Is Transcendental Technology

Well, First of all permit's define what these two words mean to most employees today.

1. transcendental

of or relating to a non secular or nonphysical realm.
"the transcendental importance of each person's soul"

(of a host, e.g., e or ) real but not a root of an algebraic equation with rationa

2. technology
the software of scientific knowledge for practical functions, especially in market.
"advances in computer technology"
machinery and components developed from the software of scientific knowledge.
the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or utilized sciences.

So briefly, TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY could be non secular knowledge known as scientific knowledge for the software of non secular growth {evolution/involution} as well as practical functions {everyday living}.

But before we go any further, and scientists started to appearance for an extra blog, we have one 'error' in one of our definitions above. The meaning of 'transcendental' has the word 'nonphysical' as part of it's definition.

Here we find an 'error of sorts'. As far as we are concern, there can be nothing that is 'non-physical' which may impact us or us it.

According to METAPSYCHICS, the science that underlies Transcendental Technology, we find that the 'non-physical' doesn't exist. If something is 'non-physical' it can't be known or perceived. It can't be sensed or felt. There ought to be no possible 'connection' between you and 'It' on any level, Psi, Psyche, or Physical.

This is an extra excuse scientists had this kind of massive subject with the existence of a 'soul'. With words being toss around like 'non-physical' we are putting ourselves out of the realm of truth and into the realm of fantasy or imagination, a product of the mind and body.

And then there is the count number of what the 'soul' is. But we might be able to cover that in an extra post later. Right now, it is very important to determine that no matter 'non-physical' doesn't exist or might as well not exist for it can't be brought into consciousness.

Therefore what is called non-physical, well, there tremendously is not a word for it yet, so in the science of METAPSYCHICS, we call the incorrect 'non-physical' 'the less concrete count number' physical 'anti-mater'.

To understand this more appropriate we have to appearance at this from the viewpoint of Energy.

As you know, Energy can't be created or destroyed. It has been here forever and ought to remain forever. Even if we are silly enough to blow up our total solar system.

And on one end of Energy you have what we all see, count number.
Matter is nothing more than condensed energy.

Matter tremendously 'breaks up' into finer paticles of count number and turn into 'MASS' or mental energy. You use this energy to create words and mental images.

And 'MASS' just a light-weight weight of energy 'breaks down' into Psi Energy which is a finer grade of energy than mental or 'psychic energy'. Psi Energy is tremendously the LifeForce of the body and universe.

In short, Physical Matter and Mass at last 'breaks down' into ENERGY.

The FORM turns into the FORCE.

Form could be the physical world that you see and your body. Force could be the 'energy' of the body known as 'Effort', Emotions, and 'Ego', {to name only many a number of} and at last would turn into anti-mater energy the last energy as well as the first.

As man turns into 'enlighten' he realizes when he thinks of himself as just a physical body he is at the bottom end of FORM. The weight of the world is upon him.

But as he considers himself to be MORE than just his body and mind, he begins to ascend like 'energy' turning into more of an actual and real FORCE in his life. He is energy for he flows more with life and life 'moves' more with him. He is in a way 'lighter'.

We call the man or woman a the top end of the energy FORCE field a PSI BEING.

This is tremendously the 'soul' {active memory banks and Lifeforce} or true nature of the person.

Here man functions as the true Controller, Creator, and Composer of his life.

The Psi Being is more a 'position' outside of 'space and time' then a human being or psychic being.

In order to function as a PSI BEING, assured exercises and processes must be understood and learnt.

Specialized knowledge is needed also for though there is nothing 'non-physical', the trained mind does engage in many 'invisible realms' or 'force fields' on earth as well as in space through mental pictures and these 'mental pictures' can drive and keep a person, neurotic or psychotic the rest of his life.

All this being said a PSI BEING would need a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY to know how to function in the earth and among his fellow man that could be of benefit to himself as well as others.

Mankind can see a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY as mental or psychic exercises that raises the 'energy levels' of his total being thus promoting more appropriate health that leads to more appropriate wealth.

The outcomes of a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY would advance the individual as well as the total of mankind at every time in anywhere, in a gaggle or one man or woman at a time.

It is for the individual to 'pull himself up by his own bootstraps' and be the person he was meant to be and want to be.


Something you do to obtain the bright outcomes of your actions here and now.

That normally is what a TRANSCENDENTAL TECHNOLOGY is.

Author's Bio: 

Bruce {Brewster} Peterson was born in Columbus, Ohio and has been writing for over forty years.
He writes below the pseudonyms of B.L. Peterson and Bert LaVey.
Brewster was given the Spiritual title of "SRI" for his extensive work in the Spiritual Sciences.
He graduated from Ohio Dominican University with a B. A. in Psychology and Telecommunications.
He served in the U.S. Navy as an Electronics Technician for over 4 years.
He has over 25 self-help and self-empowering books published on Amazon.com/Books.
Brewster is also the Founder and President of The MetaPsychics Foundation.
The Most Positive Place On Earth.
It's Motto is:
"Helping Others, Help Themselves."
MetaPsychics is the only Transcendental Technology accessible to mankind today.
Brewster resides in California along with his faithful dog Rocky.

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