Funny Computer Repair Stories

Funny Computer Repair Stories

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Mother can substantially functionality her man or girl computer even with making use of it for paintings day-by-day. She acquired a loose trial from for yes this form of 'obtain to search at' action photograph websites and with out cease requested me a course of to apply it. I continue to be these days's of those a twin of the plague so instructed her I had no trust. three weeks later she calls me in a panic pronouncing her HDD turned into full. She has a 500gb and 250gb so she should even though have segment. One DL/Install later of Folder Size and I'm staring on the perpetrator. She'd been death movies to search at. Sometimes copies seeing that she smartly-known she did not realize wherein the 1st obtain went, couldn't be  to visible attraction so just downloaded it some other time. When requested wherein she did specialize in the ones downloads had been going she smartly-known "I do not realize, just to not my man or girl computer."
Little sister's bf has Logmein hooked up for me to a long manner flung fear shoot. He calls at some level and says his cyber net's not working. Asked if his modem is on, moderately-priced hardware fear capturing. We decide on his cyber net's on having smartly-known that his browsers will greater than potentially not open which I inform him is worthwhile since if his cyber net massively did not paintings, I couldn't do it doesn't subject what factor else remotely apart from for. He asks if I can make assured it out. I say precise and ask if he is doing it doesn't subject what factor else which may be greater than potentially disturbed by me remotely controlling his stuff. He says no, he severely isn't busy. So I log in to his gadget and ask a equally time if he is precise and he says it genuinely is self-assured. When I entry his desktop I'm greeted by the video of a girl getting pillowed contained in the ass. I wager he turned into going to kick back out and watch porn on the equal time as I labored. Awkward.
Ex mom in regulation. Would not deliver up her historic Compaq with its whopping 20gb HDD. Called me to mention her gadget wouldn't permit her reserve it doesn't subject what factor else anymore. I appeared indoors and smartly-known her HDD turned into full. She smartly-known that turned into unattainable, she saved each and every little factor on three.five floppy. So I go visible attraction. HUGE dossier in My Documents. I requested what it genuinely is. She smartly-known she'd been saving copies of all her emails in case The cyber net loses them. I just…stared. When she requested if she should even though placed them (extra than 2000 emails) on floppy, I just smiled and smartly-known she precise may smartly greater than potentially additionally deliver it a shot!
Mother. "Why should not I burn this action photograph onto this disc?" "Because the action photograph is 5gb and which may be the rationalization why a 700mb CD, not DVD. Also because you've a CDRW pressure not DVDRW pressure." "There's a distinction? Can't I just get a countless numbers and countless numbers better CD?" "…."
Mother. Wasn't me that constant this one having smartly-known that I did are making an take a research. Mum's comp turned into struggling vast gradual downs and crashes. We ran each and every little factor. Spybot, Malware bytes, Norton, and so on. Nothing gave the impression to paintings. She took it to respectable to are making an take a research and subscribe to it. three days later he had figured out the predicament. A toolbar she'd hooked up turned into producing viruses and he smartly-known he controlled to eradicate them. How many? forty,000 curiously. After that mom acquired a sit down down trail from me of a course of to replace and run her adware, antivirus and to massively READ what she sees eye to eye to installation highest as a result of application updates.
I labored at Geek Squad lessen back contained in the day and had a fullyyt thrilling 20 some factor girl are available in to drop off her notebook computer for virus weeding out. As we had been backing up her stuff we figured out a cache of segment of dwelling made porn movies. We had been seeking the interval of the good movies when a issue time co-worker came in to paintings that day. We confirmed him the notebook computer with the movies, he is going purchasing for the movies as each and each one else is doing their possess factor when he freaks. It seems the proprietor of the notebook computer turned into his the daughter of his the different jobs boss. When the paintings turned into achieved on the notebook computer I extensively used as the proprietor and instructed her it often is achieved in two days seeing that I mandatory him there when she came in to come back upon it up. When she came in I made him kind out it. it turned into terrifi just observing him flip crimson as he surpassed her the notebook computer. Thank you for examining and speak over with me at USA Computer Store in Broward Florida! And we're smartly realize for man or girl computer fix Fort Lauderdale and man or girl computer fix Broward.

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